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  • What If...

    What If...

    Wondering how many points you would gain or lose in a match? Check out the new Points Calculator to find out!
  • Transform Your Game!

    Transform Your Game!

    Check out our premium online "Gear Partner", Squash Unlimited, and knowledgeable proprietor, Larry Howes, for all your Sporting needs!
  • Help Improve the Rankings!

    Help Improve the Rankings!

    Log-in to Rankenstein and add your gender and birthday to your profile. Filter the rankings by age category and gender and see where you rank amongst your peers!
  • A Blast From the Past!

    A Blast From the Past!

    Want to re-live the glory days? Or see how far you've come? Check out the monthly Historical Rankings dating back to September 2005!
  • Highest Win Streak

    Highest Win Streak

    Christian Lemire - 16 Matches. Way to go Christian!
  • Upset of the Week

    Upset of the Week

    Abdullah Khanzada def. David Monch. Way to go Abdullah!
  • Most Active Player, Last Month

    Most Active Player, Last Month

    Rolf Clackdoyle - 19 Matches. You might need a new hobby Rolf!
  • Is This You??

    Is This You??

    If so, log-in to Rankenstein and edit your account to add a profile picture. See the User Accounts section for more info!
  • Rankenstein Mobile Now Supports Regions!

    Rankenstein Mobile Now Supports Regions!

    Rankenstein Mobile has been updated (for iPhone and Android!) to support our new regions! Download it Now from Google Play or iTunes
  • Higest Non-Provisional Trend

    Higest Non-Provisional Trend

    Mathieu Shillington - 784. Who would have thought!
  • New Regions!

    New Regions!

    Rankenstein has now been rolled out to two new regions in addition to the ODSA! Check out ODSA, Kingston, or SWO Rankings by browsing your way there from the Region Menu at the top left corner of the page!

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ODSA Rankings as of 2017-11-24 at 21:54:01

Rank Name Club Rating
1Maxym LeclairSPOR9038
2Dominic WrenSPOR8957
3Samantha CornettGOOD8956
4David GuestGOOD8951
5Steve WrenSPOR8895
6Matt ArkettRA8874
7Michael Vallejos-SevillaOAC8867
8Sean Vallejos-SevillaOAC8805
9Gavin HamiltonRA8788
10Tarun BalarajRA8776
11Rudy RodriguezOAC8732
12Jay GiachinoOAC8699
13Steve OakeyRA8635
14Martin AassOAC8622
15Jeff WilsonRA8616
16Franco PatryORL8611
17Brian EldridgeRA8606
18Dominic LaflammeSPOR8602
19Stephane LussierRA8602
20Clark JohnstonRA8601
Rank Name Club Rating
1Samantha CornettGOOD8956
2Alina D'AstiOAC8298
3Julie Springer-AassOAC8273
4Taylor KosciukiewiczUOTT8030
5Sally GuestOAC7982
6Gabby RenaudOAC7956
7Catherine GiachinoOAC7905
8Chloe WrenSPOR7774
9Tracey SlyGOOD7773
10Iman ShaheenBARR7652
11Debbie WithamRA7628
12Stephanie BazinRA7605
13Deanna RothwellGOOD7533
14Viola HennesseyRA7393
15Lorraine TetreaultGOOD7373
16Lisa MacElweeNEP7296
17Mariella CzetwertynskiRA7290
18Anik EganOAC7281
19Barbara FischerRA7269
20Lauren Cooper AshikianUOTT7239
Rank Name Club Rating
1Dominic WrenSPOR8957
2Tarun BalarajRA8776
3Barrett AassOAC8531
4Thomas PorterOAC8244
5Jacob ZachariahGOOD7975
6Catherine GiachinoOAC7905
7Iman ShaheenBARR7652
8Max ShewchenkoOAC7634
9Philippe ShillingtonOAC7625
10Felix ScholbergOAC7345
11Mathieu ShillingtonOAC7289
12Romain SalmonSPOR7225
13Baxter ScholbergOAC6443
14Avram SternGOOD6439
15Trevor VrckovnikGOOD6437
16Abdullah KhanzadaBARR6436
17Benoit SalmonSPOR6419
18Aidan SomervilleOAC6416
19Frederik Bemeur-ThorsonSPOR6387
20Daniel HolmesOAC6325